Розробка уроку з теми Animals

Theme: Animals

Level: beginners


Pupils will be able to:

name of the animals;

name their colours;

name their food;

name their size;

name their place to live;

develop pupil’s lexical and grammatical skills;

improve their reading, speaking, listening and writing skills.

Equipment: cards, pictures, the course book, board, chalk


Greeting and aiming.

T. Good morning, pupils. I’m glad to see you. How are you? Are you ready to this lesson? Let’s start our work. Let’s recall our tongue- twister. All together:

         Black cat sat on a mat and ate a fat rat.

Dear pupils, yesterday I watched a very interesting film about animals. And now let’s see if you know these animals.

         Let’s play a game “Ball”.

I’ll throw you a ball and name the animal in Ukrainian. You must translate the name into English and throw the ball back to me.

an elephant;

a tiger;

a monkey;

a hare;

a fox;

a wolf;

a crocodile

T. Today we’ll speak about animals.


Phonetic drills

Let’s recall a poem “My cat”

I love my cat,

It’s warm and fat.

My cat is gay,

It likes to play.


Once it sat

On my old clock

And yet,

A cat is not a dog.

III. Reading

Dear pupils, do you like to guess the riddles? Now look on the blackboard. Read the riddles and write your answers in your copy-books. (Some pupils will do it on the blackboard)


I am green and I can swim.

I have very sharp teeth.

I live in Africa and America.

What am I?  (A crocodile)

I am red. I live in forest.

                                                           I like to eat hares and hens.

What am I?  (A fox)

I have long ears and a short tail.

The beasts like to eat me.

I am afraid of them.

What I am? (A hare)

I am green, I am small.

I live in the pound,

I can jump, I can crack

What I am? (A frog)


IV Writing

1) Game “Jumbled letter”

Make up the word using the letters. (The pupils write down the words on the blackboard)

   1) ogoes;______         4) bibrta;_

   2) seorh;_______ 5) owc;___

   3) ucdk; ______                                                                   6) pgi;____
2) Now I want you to finish my sentences:

a) This fox is… and he likes…

b) That horse is … and he lives …

c) This crocodile can…

V. Relaxation

Stand up!

Make a circle.

Hands up, hands down,

Hands on hips

Sit down.

Stand up!

Hands to the sides,

Bend to the left,

Bend to the right.


Hands on hips,

One, two, three, hop,

One, two, three, stop.

Stand still.

VI. Speaking

T.: Let’s continue our conversation. Game “Microphone. I’ll ask you, and you’ll answer to my questions speaking in microphone.

Answer the questions.

1. What colour is a bear?

2. Is an elephant big or small?

3. Where does a monkey live?

4. Where does a cow live?

5. What does a hen (fox, crocodile, duck, pig, wolf and so on) eat?

         T.: I want you to tell me about your pet or your favourite animal.

For example: I like animals and I have a pet. It is a cat. It is white. His name is Pushok. He likes to drink milk. He lives with us in our flat.

VII. Summing up

         T.: What have you leant at today’s lesson? What animals did you remember and what can you tell your classmates about them?

1. Game-crossword “Find the secrete word”

T.: You are very active and hard-working today. You are perfect pupils. You marks are…

            2. Home task

           Write down the new words into your vocabularies and learn them. Describe your favourite animal in your copy-books. Our lesson is over. Good-bye pupils.

Game-crossword “Find the secrete word


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